FortiTag Electronic Shelf Lables

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How It Works

Gone are the days of manually swapping paper tags! Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are small, digital displays attached to shelves, replacing static information with dynamic. Each label wirelessly connects to a central hub, which in turn, syncs with your store's Point-of-Sale (POS) system.
When you adjust a price in the POS, the change transmits to the hub and then to the corresponding ESL, updating the price on the shelf without human intervention.
The labels themselves use E-ink display, which is easy on the eyes and only consumes energy during updates, maximizing battery life.

The Electronic Shelf Label Benifits


Reduce Labor Cost

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) slash labor needs and heighten efficiency in retail. By automating price updates and product info, ESLs remove the need for manual tag changes, letting staff concentrate on strategic tasks. This precision enhances operational productivity and betters the customer experience.

Boost Profit

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) refine pricing accuracy, elevate profits, and enhance brand appeal. With real-time adjustments, ESLs optimize revenue and cultivate a sleek, upscale shopping environment, appealing to discerning customers and strengthening the business’s market position.

Environmental Friendly

FORTITAG ESLs, boasting a 7-year battery life, minimize waste and champion sustainability in retail. Their durable design and energy-efficient operation contribute to environmental stewardship, resonating with eco-conscious practices and elevating sustainability standards within the industry.

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